Sponsor a Computer

We will be taking a team of 4 to Zimbabwe to install laptop into the Joshua Dhube School and provide training to the teachers and children in their use. We will this year be running skills workshops for some of the local teachers covering the basic operations of a computer as well as an introduction to Excel and Word.

As little as …

For just £100 a laptop can be provided to a school in Africa with all the software they need.

• £7.50 provides a mouse or keyboard

• £15 provides the software or a monitor

• £35 provides a computer unit

• Or for £80 you can provide a complete computer system to a school

Without Computers these African children are being left behind in life and will not be in a position to fight on an even footing for jobs when they leave school in this digital age. So far we have installed around 350 computers in more than 25 schools and organisations in and around Lusaka.

To sponsor a computer or part of one please click here