Welcome to Rewired Africa

Rewired Africa was formed in 2014 following on from the work of The Re-Wired Project but working in partnership with Mission Direct.

Our vision continues to be one of enabling African children to share in the Information Technology revolution.  IT is important for Africa, because the West is moving so quickly technologically. Africa is getting left behind and the gap between the Developed countries and the Developing ones is only getting larger. We need to ensure this gap does not get any bigger, by giving the African children, the next generation, the skills to develop the use of the IT revolution in their own countries.

Rewired Africa is working in partnership with Mission Direct on projects in Zambia. At the end of 2018 over 400 computers have been installed in classrooms and child development projects in and around Lusaka, Zambia.  We are very appreciative of the support we get through working with Computers for Charities based in Hailsham, East Sussex who take care of preparing the computers and packing ready for shipping.

In 2019 we have one team planned to visit Lusaka, Zambia for two weeks in July to continue the Installations but also to provide more education and support to the IT teachers.  Our fundraising target to deliver the work we have planned in 2019 is £5000.

Helping African children to learn computer skills in this digital age